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This Week's Lesson Plans  Click on Teams:  5th grade White



Thursday- Bill Nye- Genes








Google Classroom

















Mastery Club










































Weather and the Water Cycle:  Chapter 11

Elephants Under Attack Chapter 7 Power Point

                                                                                                             Chapter 19 Power Point MOTION

Chaper 18 Powerpoint FORCES



Sound and Light Chapter 17

Sound video.docx

Lesson 2 PPT questions.docx


 electricity and magnetism



Chapter 16 Powerpoint


Wednesday Building Circuits

Activity One


Activity Two (click on the circuit game)


Activity three


Chapter 15 Power point Energy Chapter 15

NaturalResourcesWebQuest (2).doc

Renew nonrenewalbe.doc



Chapter 14 Power point  Matter

Web Quest

Study Guide.docx  States of Matter    Mixtures and Solutions  Corrosion 1  Corrosion 2  Density Column


Bill Nye -   Escape Room  Bill Nye Atoms Tuesday

Web Quest Monday




5.P.1.1 Students will define matter on the basis of observable physical properties




Earth, Moon, and Beyond worksheet that some did not turn in last week



Chapter 13 PowerPoint 3-D Visual Tour of Solar System


Moon Article



Bill Nye 3-D Visual Tour of Solar System  - Wednesday Bill Nye



Planets  Facts about the planets





5.E.1.1. Students are able to describe the basic structure of Earth’s interior

5.E.2.1. Students are able to describe the components (Sun, planets, and moons) of the solar system.

5.E.2.2. Students are able to explain how the Earth’s rotation affects the appearance of the sky. 3-D Visual Tour of Solar System (Wednesday) Planets at a closer look




New Horizons Rocket

(Views of the Solar System)


Chapter 9 PowerPoint

Changes to the Earth's Surface


Landform Web Quest.docx


US Landforms

_fpclass/Study Guide.docx


Ring of Fire

Mosaic Monday


Landform Web Quest.docx Tuesday  Hydrosphere  Thursday  Wikipedia  Britannica




Standard 5 E 1.1- Students are able to describe the basic structure of Earth's interior

Chapter 6 Review Questions.doc


Chapter 6 Study Guide

Study Guide.docx (Wednesday )


Chapter 6 PowerPoint

How Do Organisms Compete and Survive in an Ecosystem

Thursday Bill Nye Populations




Standard 5 L 3 3- Students are able to describe how interrelationships enable some organisms to survive

 Food Chain Game

Food Chains.doc

Biome PowerPoint (3).docx

We will be working on an Ecosystem and Story Project.  The students will choose an ecosystem, research it, write a story

about it, and construct a food pyramid.  Another good source here.

Biome PowerPoint (3).docx (instructions for the Power Point)


Biome Poster Instructions (2).docx (instructions for the Poster)


Biome Project Rubric.docx

(Rubric for grading this project)

Begin Here- Choose a Bioime with your group

World Biomes


Chapter 5 PowerPoint

Standard 5 L 3 1 - Students are able to describe how natural events and/or human influences many help of harm Ecosystems


Standard 5 L 3 2 - Students are able to analyze the roles of organisms to determine the transfer of energy using

an energy pyramid model


Chapter 4 PowerPoint

Standard L 2 1- Students are able to predict physical characteristics with family lineage

Chapter 4 Science Study Guide (inherited traits).doc

Chapter 4 Lesson 2.doc (Mitosis)  (Cells)


Chapter 3  PowerPoint (Pollination) (Photosynthesis) (parts of flower)

Standard 5 L 1 1- Students are able to describe the basic process of photosynthesis and the role of light as a source

of energy in plants.


Wednesday- Bill Nye Plants




Standard 5 L 2 2- Students are able to describe structures and processes involved in plant reproduction (Photosynthesis)


Plant Web Quest Click Here


Famous Scientists